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Whitney Abrams posts "Manitoba Announces Pre-Set Cannabis Fines" on Canada Cannabis Legal

Sep 13, 2018

Cannabis lawyer Whitney Abrams discusses Manitoba's recent announcement regarding pre-set cannabis fines.

Manitoba Announces Pre-Set Cannabis Fines

Originally published on Canada Cannabis Legal by Whitney Abrams on ​September 13, 2018.

Whitney Abrams - Litigator and Cannabis Law LawyerThis morning, Justice Minister Cliff Cullen announced that Manitoba has established pre-set fines for cannabis-related provincial offences, including consumption, cultivation, transportation, and roadside-related offences.  All of the pre-set fines will be in effect as of the date of legalization, October 17, 2018.

The pre-set fines were introduced in an effort by the Province to “make Manitobans aware of the laws and their consequences” “in the interest of public safety”.  By announcing and establishing these finds, the Province believes it will “ensure [it is] open and transparent with Manitobans about the consequences of breaking the law”.

The Province also noted that the ability for those charged to voluntarily pay fines without having to appear in Court will “ensure less court time spent on cannabis-related offences for judicial officials and police officers”.

The pre-set fines will apply to the following offences:

  • Underage Consumption: Supplying cannabis to a young person under the age of 19;
  • Home Cultivation: Growing recreational cannabis in a residence in Manitoba;
  • Consumption in Provincial Parks: Smoking and/or vaping cannabis in provincial parks, including roadways and beaches (additional restrictions will be implemented within government-operated locations in parks including campsites, outdoor spaces like yurts or cabins, canoe routes, and trails);
  • Transporting Cannabis when not properly stored: Driver carrying cannabis in or on vehicle/off-road vehicle;
  • Consumption in Vehicles: Consumption of cannabis in or on vehicle on a highway or consumption of cannabis in or on an off-road vehicle; and
  • Failing Drug-Screening Tests: Failing as a novice driver or a supervising driver as part of the graduating licensing program.

Click here for a chart of the offences and the corresponding pre-set fine amounts set by the Province.

In the Government’s release, it stated that “certain exceptions will apply to medical cannabis along with private residences and cottage lots located within provincial parks.”  Surrounding commercial establishments will also have exceptions in place, “where owners and operators can establish their own rules surrounding cannabis use for their patrons”.

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