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Application Tips

What should your Student application look like?

Here is what your application should include and some helpful hints:


  • No longer than 2 pages.
  • List interests that you want to talk about in your interview.
  • Ensure the information is current.


  • You must include them and ensure they are current.
  • Summarize your marks on an attached sheet to make them easier to read.
  • Include your undergraduate transcripts.
  • Include a list of the courses you are going to take next year.

Cover Letter

  • If you know who we are, let us know. A letter that shows you have looked into the firm will always get the reader's attention.
  • If you are taking a special course that is not in an area in which we practice, i.e., the Criminal Law Intensive Program at Osgoode Hall, address it in your letter or we may assume you are not really interested in us.

References (not mandatory, but preferred)

  • References are more likely to be read if they are from someone we can identify.
  • A reference from someone who is obviously a family member you worked for last summer is not impressive.
  • Don't get a reference from a famous professor if he or she does not really know you.

Avoid Missing Our Emails

  • Add to your email safe list to avoid missing important emails from us. **Students with a Queen's University email address in particular.**

Minden Gross LLP will not be offering firm tours for students this year.

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